Ask Edgar Cayce: 52 Affirmations for Inspiration and Guidance
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Chock-full of wisdom, beautiful imagery, and quotes from the Edgar Cayce readings, Ask Edgar Cayce: 52 Affirmations for Inspiration and Guidance are must-have quote cards for anyone on the spiritual path.
When Cayce was just a boy living on a farm in 19th century Kentucky, all he wanted to do was help people. Now, more than 100 years later, his psychic readings still bring hope, health, and spiritual wisdom to a world of seekers. We’ve chosen 52 of his most inspiring spiritual quotes and combined them together in this card set to offer you that wisdom at your fingertips! You can choose a card for every week of your year, draw one daily, or perhaps draw one at random when you need help making a decision—letting the universe guide you! Whatever your method, you’re sure to find inspiration from “the sleeping prophet” himself.