Saving Your Skin: Holistic Tips for Healthy Skin and Hair
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Author: Anne Hunt
Format: Paperback
Length: 71
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With surprising insights into what can cause hair and skin problems!

The "father of holistic medicine," Edgar Cayce, offered unique and insightful advice for people of all ages and genders who suffered from hair and skin issues. Everyone can benefit from this handy guide, which focuses on the health of the largest organ of your body with advice on: 

  • The role of diet, eliminations, and circulation in healthy skin and hair;
  • Specific remedies for warts, moles, acne, poison ivy, scars, dry skin, sunburn, and wrinkles;
  • Special attention is given to baldness, its causes plus prevention and treatment;
  • What the thyroid gland has to do with the health of your skin and hair;
  • Plus, skin-saving ideas with recipes for natural lotions, oils, and shampoos!

Now you can "save your skin" with a "can do" plan that is full of healthful tips to last a lifetime!

Formerly titled Saving Your Skin: Secrets of Healthy Skin and Hair