Creation & Evolution: Universal Forces Shaping Humankind
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Author: Edgar Cayce
Format: Paperback
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 With foreword and special message from Kevin J. Todeschi, Executive Director and CEO of the Cayce work.

Ever since the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in 1859, arguments have arisen, challenging the “truths” of creationism versus evolution. Rather than being an “either/ or” argument, Edgar Cayce saw both creation and evolution as ongoing universal forces shaping the cosmos and humankind. However, Cayce presents some unique ideas about the purpose of Creation and the ultimate end of evolution that may be challenging to proponents of both sides of the argument.

From Cayce’s perspective, each soul is essentially a creative being and is constantly “creating” his or her life through choices and actions. In terms of evolution, the ultimate goal of evolution is “spiritual evolution” in that we might spiritually evolve to more fully become companions and co-creators with God. The Edgar Cayce readings on creation and evolution are ultimately about the fact that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience—the main goal of earthly experience is to somehow bring “spirit” into the earth.

This volume includes the Edgar Cayce readings on creation and evolution, and provides a look at the soul’s journey in consciousness from the early days of creation and Atlantis to the manifestation of spirit in the earth demonstrated by Jesus.

This book is available as part of the Edgar Cayce Series Set of 14 books.