Sacred Journey: Edgar Cayce, the Bible and the Path to Enlightenment
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Author: M.K. Welsch
Format: Paperback
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Listen to author, M.K. Welsch discuss her book, Sacred Journey

Every person on this planet is on a sacred journey. And that journey is about you. Each moment of our lives spent on earth has profound meaning. Yesterday, tomorrow, and perhaps most importantly, TODAY. The time has come to remember who we really are.

Welsch weaves together a beautiful true story of our souls, our purpose, and our potential with ideas drawn from famed psychic Edgar Cayce and supportive passages from the Bible. This unique work offers a new expansive perspective on what it means to be a “savior” and the impact of the Christ spirit on our world. It reveals Jesus, the Master-teacher, as our elder brother who left behind the pattern souls could follow to fulfill our holy purpose for entering into the earth.

Beginning with Atlantis and the Garden of Eden and exploring topics such as ancient history, meditation, reincarnation, and karma, Sacred Journey opens a window on your important soul mission and how you, too, can find the path to enlightenment.

Do you know what it means to be on this sacred journey?

Consciousness is expanding—and each of us plays a vital role in the changes that will occur in our lives and the lives of others on the earth plane. What will you do with your role? How will your life's potential be met and mastered?

Do you know what it means to be on this sacred journey? The answers to your questions are here in this book.