True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives
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Length: 272 pp.
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Lives Touched and Lessons Learned from the Sleeping Prophet

Sidney Kirkpatrick, the best-selling author of Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet, and his wife Nancy Kirkpatrick, his research partner and longtime student of the Cayce readings, take us on a fascinating journey into the archives of the Cayce readings, finding the most interesting case studies and exploring the incredible and astounding results of the Cayce work in so many people's lives. Key stories include the remarkable doctors who worked with the readings, cases of past lives and their influence on current lives, and the one-of-a-kind circumstances under which Cayce’s psychic gifts were found to be astonishingly accurate and helpful.

“The Kirkpatricks are such powerful storytellers that not only does the book draw me in, but I step into the pages and I almost can’t step back out. It’s haunting. I think what really makes it come to life are the old photos. And the ending blew me away.”
—C. Merchand, Virginia Beach, Va.

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