Mysteries of the Supernatural: A Psychic’s Guide Beyond the Veil
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Format: Paperback
Length: 120pp
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Take a peek behind the veil with psychic Darrin William Owens as he offers us a rare look at dimensions beyond our physical world and explains how they work. From angels to UFOs, everything is covered! Also included is an explanation of the supernatural realms, which consists of:

  • Nature Realm: Earth Folk, Nature Spirits 
  • Paranormal Realm: Ghosts, Hauntings
  • Spiritual Realm: Human Souls, Spirit Guides
  • Divine Realm: Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings
  • Multidimensional Realm: UFO’s, Cryptid Creatures
  • Dark Realm: Demonic Beings, Fallen Angels 
  • Source Realm: Mother/Father God: Source of all Creation.

The veil between our worlds is thinning and Owens will reveal the meaning of this to our spiritual growth and evolution.

Listen to Darrin William Owens talk about his book: