Edgar Cayce Present Life Astrological Profile - ONLINE DELIVERY
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Length: Approimately 30 pages

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What would Cayce have said about your unique astrological influences and how they are likely to affect your present life circumstances and relationships? Now you can find out! Cayce’s insightful readings on the planets, signs, and aspects have been combined with your individual horoscope to bring you the best of modern astrology with the added benefit of Edgar Cayce’s interpretation and guidance.

Cayce does not always give the standard astrology commentary, but brings a perspective and analysis that only comes from the psychic, visionary realms that Cayce attuned to so successfully. You may not be aware that for many years Cayce gave astrological readings for people long before he gave the now-famous life readings. This profile contains Cayce’s astrology and is calculated to your specific birth place and time. This is a one-of-a-kind profile that you cannot get anywhere else. Averages 30 pages.