The Calling: My Journey with the Angels
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Author: Kim O'Neill
Format: paperback
Length: 366 pp.
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Award-Winning Finalist in the "New Age: Non-Fiction" category of the 2014 International Book Awards

Kim O’Neill was disillusioned by her career and heart-broken by a dissolved marriage. In an act of desperation, she cried out to God for help. That help arrived—in the form of her guardian angel, who materialized and told her that he had been sent to help her build a new life. To do so, she would have to open herself to an extraordinary journey unlike anything she had ever experienced or envisioned.

Would she continue the life she had known—however miserable—just because it was familiar and felt safe? Could she ignore her practical, logical tendencies and take the giant leap of faith that would radically change her life?

This is Kim’s story of learning to talk with and listen to angels in order to follow her true destiny. Could this be your story too?

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