A Seer Out of Season
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Author: Harmon Bro, PhD
Format: Paperback
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Includes a behind-the-scenes look at many of the readings as they were given.

Millions worldwide have turned to the readings of Edgar Cayce for advice on health and spiritual growth. Hailed as the "father of holistic medicine" as well as of the New Age movement, this is his story told by someone who worked alongside him at the association he founded. Drawing from his experience as Cayce's longtime associate, Dr. Harmon Bro has written a firsthand account in this full-length biography of the gifted psychic. His intimate prose tells the story of an enigmatic Kentucky farm boy with no formal education who became the soft-spoken seer who inspired so many. It is also the story of a man who worked laboriously to help others-even at the cost of his own health, and eventually his life.