Planetary Influences & Sojourns
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Author: Edgar Cayce
Format: Paperback
Length: 192 pp.
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In a fascinating view of soul life, the Edgar Cayce readings explain how the three-dimensional planets we see from Earth are actually fourth- and fifth-dimensional realms that act like soul colleges of specific study in the university of our solar system! Cayce describes our soul's activities beyond Earth as lifetimes of sojourning in higher dimensions among the planets and stars and goes on to explain how these journeys affect our present life on Earth.

The book includes remarkable views into soul life, as Cayce describes the past-life incarnations and in-between-life planetary sojourns for two highly enlightened souls. This content is mind-expanding and soul-lifting. It gives us a view into a life much larger and more meaningful than a single Earth life--and yet, it gives so much importance to our current life and its benefit to our ultimate soul life.

This book is available as part of the Edgar Cayce Series Set of 14 books.