Your Key to Good Health: Unlocking the Power of Your Lymphatic System
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"... this book is FANTASTIC!!!! I am a lymph fanatic ... feeling that it [is] essential to good health. ... I [use] many references to Cayce and the Cayce Protocol. ... her book is an invaluable tool for me and it is so easy to understand."
Lynn Koiner, PMAFA

"This book will be a wonderful reference for all who read it. Your depth of understanding and explanation is rare. How blessed we are to have someone of your background to have written such a book."
Kathryn M. Thrift
CMT and Lymph Drainage Instructor

Of all the Edgar Cayce health readings, nearly one-third focused on the lymphatic system. This important yet often misunderstood part of the body provides our cells with vital protection against harmful bacteria—a necessity for keeping our bodies healthy and strong. Author Elaine Hruska uses her 30 years of experience with the Cayce health readings to show you how the lymph functions, what conditions threaten the health of this system, and what you can do to maintain good health throughout your lymph and your entire body. Let Elaine show you how to pump up your lymph!