Spiritual Healing in Hospitals and Clinics
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Spiritual Healing in Hospitals and Clinics: Scientific Evidence that Energy Medicine Promotes Speedy Recovery and Positive Outcomes
by Sandy Edwards


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Energy Healing Improves Health

SEVEN YEARS AFTER QUALIFYING as a spiritual healer, Sandy Edwards approached a consultant gastroenterologist at a city hospital and volunteered to give healing to his patients. Delivering healing sessions alongside conventional medical treatments engendered overwhelmingly positive outcomes. Supported by the hospital, and in partnership with the University of Birmingham (UK), Sandy then instigated the largest clinical research trial of spiritual healing in the world. This is the unique story of:

  • a volunteer healer working alongside a top consultant at a National Health Service hospital
  • a world-class university conducting a controlled medical trial of healing, funded by a National Lottery grant
  • the resulting two-year trial involving 200 chronically ill hospital patients

The compelling results of this medical research trial reveal that spiritual healing (energy medicine) can enhance the healing process of a patient, whether they are in pain, sick, stressed, or depressed. The participants involved in this trial had been suffering for years with illnesses that have no medical cure. Yet their health improved substantially in numerous ways after receiving just five 20-minute healing sessions. Intriguing case studies add to the evidence. 

In addition, Spiritual Healing in Hospitals and Clinics presents a wealth of research projects that clearly negate the myth that energetic healing is only a placebo. Through demonstrating improved outcomes for patients, faster recovery times, and thus less time spent in hospitals, Sandy Edwards moves us one step closer to widespread acceptance for energy medicine.

"Sandy Edwards provides an inspiring example of how healing practices can work along side conventional medical treatments and how they can confer benefits on those who receive the healing – it is not a question of either/or, but both/and."
— RUPERT SHELDRAKE, PhD, author of Science and Spiritual Practices

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