Spiritual Science
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Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality to Make Sense of the World
by Steve Taylor

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"With Elegance and lucidity, Steve Taylor explains why spiritual science is the only hope for humanity" Deepak Chopra, MD Chopra Foundation

Is it possible that the biggest mysteries in the world can be solved not through science or spirituality alone, but through an approach that combines them both?

In this groundbreaking book, Steve Taylor offers a new vision of the world that is compatible with both modern science  and ancient spiritual teachings. Spiritual Science reveals Taylor's "panspiritist" view of reality, one that transcends both conventional science and religion, and answers many of the riddles that neither can fully explain.

The standard model of science has had limited success in explaining many phenomena, including human consciousness, the connection between the mind and the body, altruism and "anomalous" phenomena such as near-death experiences, psi phenomena and spiritual experiences, to name just a few. But from a "panspiritist" perspective - which sees spirit or consciousness as a fundamental essence of reality - it is possible to make sense of all these things.

Drawing on the insights of philosophers, physicists, mystics, as well as spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures, Steve Taylor make a compelling case for a spiritual vision of reality. He presents a worldview that is compatible with both modern science and ancient spiritual teachings - a vision of a sacred and interconnected world, and of a meaningful and purposeful human life.