A Course In Miracles Original Edition
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A Course In Miracles Original Edition
Text, Workbook, Manual for Teachers
Written by Helen Schucman, Foundation for Inner Peace, Helen Shucman

You are entitled to miracles.
You are entitled to miracles
because of what you are.
You will receive miracles
because of what God is
And you will offer miracles
because you are one with God.

Your claim to miracles does not lie
in your illusions about yourself.
It does not depend
on any magical powers
you have ascribed to yourself,
Nor on any of the rituals
you have devised.
It is inherent in the truth
of what you are.
It is implicit in what
God your Father is.
It was ensured in your creation
and guaranteed by the laws of God.

Workbook Lesson 77, 1-2