The Heart of Zen
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The Heart of Zen: Enlightenment, Emotional Maturity, and What It Really Takes for Spiritual Liberation
Written by Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi & Keith Martin-Smith

If enlightenment truly transforms every part of the life of a person, why are spiritual students caught up in negative emotions like anger, shame, envy, and jealousy? What does the Zen teaching of Emptiness mean for our intimate relationships, our emotional bodies, our views of the world and its problems? In a series of lively Q&As, authors Jun Po Roshi and Keith Martin-Smith address these questions within the context of creating lasting change through integrating spiritual insight into the flow and flux of everyday life. Part discussio and part experimental guide, The Heart of Zen offers a one-of-a-kind take on enlightenment, emotional maturity, and the honesty required to take one's seat in true liberation.