Your Star Child
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Your Star Child: Attracting, Birthing and Parenting an Evolved Soul
Written by Mary M. Mayhew & 1st World Library

Author, lecturer, teacher, counselor and mother of two star children, Whinchester, Virginia-based Mary Mayhew offers her insights into parenting and building healthy, loving individuals, families and communities.

"Here the Author gives her interpretation of the implications of what I consider to be one of the most important ideas in the Cayce readings – that we are souls, and as parents, our attitudes, thoughts and activities affect the entire soul as we bring children into the world. All souls are special and the entry of each creates unique growth opportunities for all those involved.

Also, every child is a unique and potent representative of the Creator's Handiwork – indeed, of the Creative Force Itself – and therefore every parent can be instrumental, possibly in ways not even imagined, in helping a child to reach his or her full potential or to evolve." — Charles Thomas Cayce, President of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (formerly the Edgar Cayce foundation).