Conversations With God Book 2
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Conversations With God Book 2 (Expanded Edition): Living in the World With Honesty, Courage, and Love
Written by Neale Donald Walsh

"Conversations with God is all about the spiritual path of humanity. Your path, my path, and the path that our species is taking collectively.

"The last part, our collective path, is the main focus of this, the second book in the CwG series. Here, a challenge has been placed squarely before us. This text makes it clear that the way we are "doing life" on this planet is not working. Not very well. In some cases and some places, not at all.

"There is another way, yet we will not find that way by searching for it. We will find it only by creating it. And we will not create it by staying stuck in old beliefs but only by being open to new ideas, new ideas about God and about life that can truly light the world."—from Conversations with God.