The Rest of the Noah Story
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The Rest of the Noah Story: Upon the Face of the Waters
Written by Kevin J. Todeschi

THE REST OF THE NOAH STORY explores the epic tale that has captured the imagination of nearly every culture and religion in human history - the story of Noah and the Flood. This is the story of when the world was young, when legends were real, and when mythical creatures roamed the earth. It is the story of love-of old Methuselah, last of the mystics, and his family, and of their attempts to save the peoples of the earth from a fate they have brought upon themselves. It is the story of slaves and of their vile half-human masters. It is the story of holy people who possess great faith in a God that no one has ever seen. And it is the story of Noah-Methuselah's grandson-who takes upon himself the salvation of the earth.

Weaving together myth, scripture, metaphysics, history and spirituality, this book explores answers to many fascinating questions, such as: apart from scripture, is there historical evidence to support the existence of an Ark? Is there any connection between a global flood and the ancient legend of the sinking of Atlantis? Are there similarities that exist in such diverse accounts as myth and religion, and even the stories of clairvoyants and scholars? And ultimately, was there really a worldwide Flood?

For those who are challenged by the ideas of Atlantis, pre-deluge creatures called "Mixtures," or the very idea of correlating such a vast array of seemingly unrelated information, consider this simply a work of fiction. To those who are open to the unknown and the possibility that there might be much more to this story than humanity has yet dared to imagine, they are invited to consider these things with the simple words: "What if?"