Budhu's Path to Enlightenment
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Budhu's Path to Enlightenment
Written by Gladys Taylor McGarey, MD, MD, (H)

For many thousands of years the energy systems of the human body have been represented in countless different ways.

Budhu's Path to Enlightenment gives us a lighthearted way of getting to know ourselves.


Throughout the years I have studied and then talked about the seven spriritual centers.

People have asked if this material has been published and since I have not found this particular understanding of the symbols published I have decided to pull this material together in a way that might help in understanding the symbology associated with our human psychology.

This information comes from an in-depth, long term study of the Edgar Cayce material, of my own study in dreams as I worked with patients and family, and my own practical application of psychology.

My prayer is that this book will be helpful as we work towards a deeper understanding of our spiritual nature.