Anthony Quinata

Anthony Quinata was born on Guam, and with a father serving in the U.S. Navy, his family frequently moved and lived around the world. Anthony’s fascination and passion for all things paranormal began in childhood while listening to family ghost stories. He eventually became a paranormal investigator, specializing in hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeist activity. It was during this time that he discovered and developed his latent talents and began to embrace his work as a psychic medium, which has continued now for more than 15 years. Anthony is the author of Communications from the Other Side: Death Is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships, and has a new book coming out next year titled We Are Never Alone: Reassuring Insights from the Other Side.

Anthony sat down with A.R.E. Director, Jennie Taylor Martin, to discuss his new book:


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