Henry Reed, PhD

Henry Reed received his PhD from UCLA and was assistant professor of Psychology at Princeton University and professor of transpersonal studies at Atlantic University (AU). The Smithsonian Institute invited him to give a lecture about his “Dream Solutions” method of creative dream work.

He is the director of the Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive Studies and is retired as a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in intensive, transformational work centered in dreams, energetic healing, and creativity. He is the founder of Creative Spirit Studios, which is a collaborative of lightworkers involved in using creative spirit in healing, teaching, and innovative service projects and research.

Henry maintains a well-equipped studio at Flying Goat Ranch in the Appalachian mountains, where he breeds and trains work-friendly goats while continuing his connection with the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) as an instructor for AU and a contributing writer to A.R.E.’s membership magazine, Venture Inward.


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