Relieve Your Aching Head: Tips for Soothing Head and Neck Aches
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Author: Anne Hunt
Format: Paperback
Length: 85
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Put that nagging stress pain behind you for good!

Long before traditional medicine began examining the impact the mind has on physical health, America's "father of holistic medicine," Edgar Cayce, was laying the groundwork for one of the most fascinating truths presented in the 20th century: What one thinks and feels emotionally will find expression in the physical body.  Cayce’s readings, revealed many helpful, easy-to-follow therapies and techniques to prevent, manage, and relieve stressful aches and pains in the head and neck area—from diet and exercise to massage and meditation.

This handy guide will give you:

  • Tips for diet, elimination, and circulation that can help prevent head distress;
  • Special soothing therapies and exercises to relieve head and neck pain;
  • The important role the mind plays in matters of health;
  • "Attitude Adjusters" to help ease the tension that often causes stress;
  • "Mental Muscle Relaxers" that can replace the need for minor pain relievers.
Put that nagging stress pain behind you, and enjoy a life of greater health and relaxation!

Formerly titled Relieve Your Aching Head: Secrets for Soothing Head and Neck Aches