Communications from the Other Side: Death Is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships
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Author: Anthony Quinata
Format: paperback
Length: 118 pp.
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There is no doubt that Anthony Quinata is a gifted medium. His book is filled with testimonials from the many lives he’s touched. Each story brings hope, healing, and often humor. The people who are reaching out to him sometimes come in pain or in grief, at other times they are there to help a friend. Many do not even have a belief in the afterlife or an expectation that any communication will occur.

But Quinata’s gift never fails to assist them, and he finds that in helping others, he too has learned a great deal. If you had proof that love never dies, how would that change the way you treat others? When you know there is no death, how do you choose to live? Perhaps, like the author, you’ll find these communications not only helped those involved but are made available to us now so  we ourselves can come to realize that death is not the end of life, love, or relationships.

Anthony sat down with former A.R.E. Director, Jennie Taylor Martin, to discuss his new book: