Western Yoga For All DVD
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Author: Peter Van Daam
Format: DVD
Length: 90 min
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“Peter Van Daam is an absolute delight!!! He gives excellent instructions in simple exercises that stir up the energies of body, mind and soul and lift the spirit. Peter's message of how not to lose functionality is so important to help us age better. I highly recommend Western Yoga for All. I really love it!”
-- Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women

If you’ve ever come to Virginia Beach for an A.R.E. headquarters conference, you may have had the opportunity to take part in Peter Van Daam’s invigorating Cayce-styled exercise sessions. Well now you can experience this same soulful regimen in the comfort of your own home. Western Yoga for All was developed by Van Daam using guidelines from the Edgar Cayce readings to provide maximum physical, mental and spiritual health, and includes:

  • Instructions on proper stretching techniques
  • A 15-minute Yoga workout to stimulate your body and mind
  • A 9-minute session for when you want a quick lift to your day
  • A pelvic roll session to improve lower body circulation
  • The Cayce Connection: How exercise relates to the Cayce readings

Whether you are a beginner to yoga or a regular practitioner, Western Yoga for All is the perfect companion to your daily routine. Just 15 minutes of these gentle, low-impact morning lymphatic exercises can:

  • Restore flexibility, strength, and energy to your body
  • Enhance your athletic performance
  • Prevent the gradual loss of body and mind function associated with physical inactivity.

This 90-minute DVD features a variety of stretching routines designed for all ages and fitness levels.

“Exercise is wonderful, and necessary—take as much as is needed, in a systematic manner.”
-- Edgar Cayce reading 283-1