Balancing Your Body
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Balancing Your Body: A Self-Help Approach to Rolfing Movement
by Mary Bond


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Going beyond good posture and movement efficiency, Mary Bond presents a unique self-help program of body transformation. Much of what we experience as physical tension or stress is the result of an imbalanced body. When our physical structure is habitually bent, twisted, and compressed, the body glues itself together with tension in order to remain upright. Bond demonstrates how the connective tissue that holds our bodies together is actually very flexible and will, with encouragement, adapt to new, healthy patterns of posture and movement.

Rolphing Movement combines touch and verbal messages to help you become more responsive to your body's inner cues. The author offers a practical series of stuctural awareness exercises that will help you redirect your awareness to internal sensations of tension or balance. These movement explorations are written as scripts so that you can practice the movements with detailed directions. By learning to recognize and respond appropriately to your body's internal messages, you will discover a new freedom of expression in your body, leading to a marked increase in health and vitality.

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