Purple Sugilite Gemstone 8 mm Bracelet
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Purple Sugilite Gemstone 8 mm Beaded Bracelet
Measures 7¼ inches long.
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Only this one unique gemstone bracelet available for purchase! 

This lovely rare purple Sugilite gemstone bracelet has been hand-selected by one of our bookstore staff.

Common metaphysical properties: Known for its nuturing, loving energy and protection against other's negative energy, it can balance the nervous system and promote calmness. Sugilite can aid in healing physically and emotionally, and spiritual growth, connecting individuals to higher realms and can cleansing the aura. Related chakras: third eye, crown.

Crystals and gemstones are mentioned in the Edgar Cayce's psychic readings, and are often recommended due to their vibratory nature. Each may either have universal qualities or a more individual, personal attribute. Cayce's readings suggest they can be used for raising ones vibration, healing, strength, stabilizing mental health, increasing psychic abilities, or even as the power source for a nation!

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