Feng Shui for Success
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Feng Shui for Success: Simple Principles for a Healthy Home and Prosperous Business
Written by Kurt Teske

A beginner's guide to attaining wealth and prosperity through the practical uses of feng shui.

Feng shui, the Chinese aesthetic practice of arranging your environment to maximize the flow of energy, has entered the mainstream of American culture, with more and more Americans realizing every day that feng shui is no New Age fad, but a proven and practical way to improve your life.

This compact yet thorough guide to using feng shui to create prosperity and abundance helps you quickly gain a solid understanding of the basic principles of feng shui, as well as a fuller appreciation of the many varieties of success—financial, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and beyond—that it can help you achieve.

Unlike many Americanized feng shui books, Feng Shui for Success doesn't just concentrate on superficial quick fixes that amount to little more than home-decorating advice. Its explanations and exercises help anyone, even feng shui novices, understand not only how to best practice feng shui to achieve success, but why it works.

Feng Shui for Success helps readers learn to:

  • evaluate the impact of your physical environment on your life
  • use everyday spaces to cultivate prosperity
  • analyze the flow of energy in a home or business
  • understand the feng shui properies and qualities of any environment you find yourself in

These exercises, insights, and meditations will help you discover your own unique path to prosperity.