Proof of Angels
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Proof of Angels: The Definitive Book on the Reality of Angels and the Surprising Role They Play in Each of Our Lives
Written by Ptolemy Tompkins & Tyler Beddoes

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In March 2015, people were captivated by news reports of the dramatic rescue of an 18-month old girl, Lily Groesbeck, who'd survived fourteen hours in an overturned car, submerged in an icy-cold Utah river. The car went unnoticed for so long that Lily's survival is considered by many to be a miracle.

But so too were the circumstances of her rescue. As they worked to turn the car right side up, the responding police officers heard a voice from inside it, calling, "Help me, help me." What they saw when they finally succeeded shocked them. Though all four officers had clearly heard a woman's voice urging them on, the only woman in the car, Lily's mom, Jenny Lynn Groesbeck was dead—and had been since the crash, fourteen hours earlier.

Tyler Beddoes, one of the responding officers who helped rescue Lily, believes he heard an angel that day, and hearing that voice changed everything he thought he knew about the spiritual world.

Weaving Tyler's story with othe real-life stories of angelic encounters, New York Times–bestselling author Ptolemy Tompkins creates a rich, provacative, and deeply moving picture of how angels interact in our lives. He reveals that the barrier between the spiritual and the scientific is less certain than we often think, and he leaves us with an inspiring and reassuring message: we are not alone.