The Art of Transforming the Mind
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The Art of Transforming the Mind: A Meditator's Guide to the Tibetan Practice of Lojong
Written by B Alan Wallace

The purpose of lojong, a traditional Mahayana Buddhist practice of training the mind, is to transform one's attitude and expand one's sense of self to encompass the greater whole. In this modern presentation of lojong practice and Atisha's Seven-Point Mind Training, author, translator, and Buddhist practitioner B. Alan Wallace gives readers a framework from which they may cultivate the qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, and insight while diminishing harmful habits and ways of thinking. "All of us have attitudes," Wallace explains, and "attitudes need adjusting."

The practice of lojong is therefore presented as a method to shift our attitude away from our problems, anxieties, hopes, and fears toward an expansive sense of joy and well-being that springs from the very essence of Mahayana–bodhichitta.