Metalized Aura Amethyst 111g
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Metalized Aura Amethyst Cluster 111g
2¾ x 1½ x 1½"
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This dazzling specially selected metalized aura amethyst cluster is perfect for your home or office.

Amethyst is known for its soothing qualities. It can help purify the aura of negative attachments or clear negative energies in the home. Considered "nature's tranquilizer," it calms imbalances and promotes higher states of consciousness. Related chakras: Third Eye, Crown

Crystals and gemstones are mentioned in the Edgar Cayce's psychic readings, and are often recommended due to their vibratory nature. Each may either have universal qualities or a more individual, personal attribute. Cayce's readings suggest they can be used for raising ones vibration, healing, strength, stabilizing mental health, increasing psychic abilities, or even as the power source for a nation!

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